I began my career as a physician recruiter for a Dallas-based emergency physician group. EmCare acquired the group about two years later and not long after, I was promoted into a regional manager position.

I am originally from Pennsylvania and although I loved Texas, I felt the pull of home and was ready to go back east after 9/11. One of the great things about EmCare is that there are opportunities in locations throughout the country. I was pleasantly surprised to learn about an EmCare office in Horsham, Pennsylvania, although I wasn’t sure where Horsham was. I interviewed with EmCare’s Northeast Region CEO, Dr. Russ Harris and was hired as a regional manager. At the time I had no idea I would still be with the same organization 19 years later.

I was excited to head back to Pennsylvania, but also stay with EmCare. The company was growing rapidly - much like today - and was in the process of developing a divisional management structure with offices that would manage operations in three regions: South, Northeast and West. I was responsible for recruiting, credentialing, scheduling and enrollment and was promoted to a new position, the Director of Operations for the Northeast Division.

My supervisors encouraged me to take on new responsibilities and grow professionally from day one. It is part of our DNA, and as a director, I continually encourage the people that report to me to do the same.

What do I tell new employees?

I tell them that at EmCare, what we do really matters. As a member of the team that supports our clinicians, our work makes an impact in patients’ lives every single day. Every one of us plays a part in ensuring that the people we care for receive high-quality, and in many cases, lifesaving care, when they need it most.

For me, working at EmCare has been more than a job. It has been a rewarding and fulfilling career. It can be the same for you.