In college, I focused on information management and analysis. At the time, I believed that data analysis would quickly become a critically important part of healthcare. When I first interviewed at RTI, the billing affiliate of EmCare, I found a forward looking company that shared that opinion. I was offered a job and couldn’t wait to get started.

I began as an associate in the Marketing Support Department. About six months in, I was promoted to an analyst position in the Reimbursement Department. A year later, I had the opportunity to move into a managed care contracting position. I stayed in that position for the next five years. I learned a lot and together with my team, made a positive impact on our business.

Next up was a manager position with the Reimbursement Department, a job that provided crucial experience in developing and improving my personal relationship skills. I look back at those positions and realize they gave me the kind of well-rounded training I needed to be successful in my current position: Director of Client Administration for EmCare North.

When I started my career at RTI, my data analysis background gave me an opportunity to work on large scale projects. For someone just out of college, it was a great opportunity. I quickly found that EmCare is focused on outcomes and engaging the people who can move projects forward. The company also embraces teamwork and being a contributor on a team working on critically important projects is tremendously satisfying.

During the early stages of my career - all of nine years ago - through today, I have seen many of my colleagues look for new opportunities within EmCare. It really is part of the corporate culture. There is never a negative stigma attached to anyone showing an interest in, or applying for, a different position, whether it is a lateral move or a step up the career ladder.

What would I say to someone considering a career at EmCare?

I couldn’t imagine a better place to work. The diversity of the people and career opportunities seem infinite when considering all of the companies and resources that factor into and are affected by EmCare. I say that with the fullest understanding that in my ninth year, I still find that I am just scratching the surface of the many different markets and patient care services that EmCare provides.