I was relocating to the Tampa Bay area and looking for a credentialing position. I had worked in credentialing in Pittsburgh, enjoyed the experience and wanted to continue in the field. There was an opening at EmCare that looked interesting and I applied because I felt a large company would present opportunities for professional growth. At the time, in 2007, EmCare’s South Division office had about 40 employees and I really liked the idea of a big company with a small office and a family-type feel.

After I started, the South Division began to grow rapidly. We added more credentialing coordinator positions and two supervisor positions to support the credentialing manager. I enjoyed my role as credentialing coordinator and I believed in myself, knowing I had a passion for it and was good at it. I also wanted to move up in the company and in 2012 I was promoted to a credentialing supervisor position.

My manager supported me and helped me build the confidence I would need to advance in the company. When our credentialing manager retired a few years after I became a supervisor, I applied for the job. Going through the interview process I met with quite a few upper management staff members and realized that managing a department would be a big career move. I also felt I needed more management experience if I was going to be successful. The decision was made to leave the position open and for the next six months, I was given the opportunity to co-manage the department with another supervisor. I gained valuable experience and interviewed again for the position. This time, I was prepared and I couldn’t have been happier when I was offered the job.

For the last year, I have served as the credentialing manager for EmCare’s South Division. Recently, I was selected to join the team charged with developing improvements for our national credentialing platform. I’m thrilled at this new opportunity and enjoying every moment of it.

My career has really taken off at EmCare and I’m grateful for the opportunities I have had. The company continues to grow and I believe there will be many more opportunities ahead. I started as a coordinator, moved to supervisor and am now a manager. It required putting my best effort forward and building the skills and experience I needed to advance, but looking at where my career is headed, it was certainly worth the effort.