After a year as a sports reporter and another eight months as a landscaper, I was fortunate to land two job interviews in the middle of the recession. One was in journalism and the other was with RTI, the billing affiliate of EmCare.

After receiving an offer from RTI, I had a decision to make: keep looking for work as a journalist or move into an entirely new field. I saw opportunity on a larger scale with RTI. It is an affiliate of EmCare and Envision Healthcare, both of which are growing, and billing is a complex, important component of healthcare that offers its own growth potential.

Once onboard at RTI, I committed myself to learning as much as I could. My goal was to outlearn everyone. In healthcare you must be adaptable to the environment because it is constantly changing. An open mind is absolutely essential.

I built upon my communication skills by becoming very detail oriented and fine-tuning my problem solving abilities. Anytime you deal with the enrollment and reimbursement world, especially with insurance payors, you must be detail-oriented.

I earned a promotion to become a Level II Enrollment Specialist on my first advancement opportunity. I knew I could make an impact after taking on more responsibility and having a couple of big wins, one of which was a favorable decision by a CMS administrative law judge on an argument I developed.

I moved from RTI to a Staffing Coordinator position at EmCare’s North Division, where I learned the art of negotiation. Schedulers, as they are commonly known, negotiate and communicate daily when creating schedules and ensuring appropriate staffing levels for hospital clients. There is also a level of customer service and strategy involved.

My time at RTI and EmCare’s North Division provided valuable experience in enrollment, scheduling, recruiting and client integration, all of which I would need in my next role as the physician recruiter on the North Division’s Client Integration Team (CIT). The CIT, the first and only of its kind at EmCare, leads the implementation of all new clients, serving as the operational hub focused on smoothly starting up our services at hospitals and onboarding new clinicians to the EmCare family.

Created due to an increase in new business, the six-person CIT debuted in the fall of 2014 and has started up numerous contracts across the Northeast and Midwest. As an inaugural team member, I utilize all of my learned skills and experiences to foster genuine relationships with clinicians and tell the EmCare story. It is a great story to tell – to inform physicians and other caregivers that EmCare is a stand-up, innovative company that supports its clinicians.

I am also five classes into the MBA program at Saint Joseph’s University, with an expected graduation in 2018. My concentration is healthcare management. I have been encouraged to continue my education by the entire team, from my manager to North Division CEO, Dr. Russ Harris. They also wrote letters of recommendation when I applied to the program. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of leaders.

What would I tell new employees, or people considering a career at EmCare?

The culture at EmCare encourages advancement and teamwork. I have worked on numerous teams that have not only helped advance my career but also boost my resume.

The people are what make EmCare a great company to work for. You are surrounded by high-caliber people who are experts in their field and have a common goal. There is a professional camaraderie that makes it enjoyable to come to work. As an employee of any company, you want the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself and something original. I am fortunate to have both at EmCare.