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Emergency Medicine Residents’ Appreciation Day: Resources for Residents

Posted on Wed, Mar 01, 2017
Emergency Medicine Residents’ Appreciation Day: Resources for Residents

By Ray Iannaccone, MD, FACEP, FACHE

Congratulations on joining the emergency medicine family! In a relatively young specialty that didn’t register its first resident until 1970, we recently saw a fellow EM physician elected as president of the American Medical Association. This is a great time to be an emergency physician.

I’ve been passionate about emergency medicine for more than 25 years. We are privileged to care for patients at their time of greatest need, when they are most vulnerable. And for many Americans, the ED is their only source of healthcare; it’s a role that’s both challenging and rewarding – nearly in equal measure.

And what an exciting time to be in healthcare. The changes we are living through are some of the grandest since Medicare and Medicaid were created 50 years ago! Payment structures, accountability, collaboration, industry consolidation. It’s enough to make your head spin. But it’s also a great time to be starting a career if you ever thought you wanted to be part of changing the world. It’s happening now.

EmCare is committed to helping residents navigate these changing waters by providing the information, resources and tools you need to find the perfect EM career.

And, our EmBassador Travel Team provides graduating residents with career-changing experience.

At EmCare, we believe that it’s best for all involved if clinicians are unburdened to focus as much of their efforts as possible on the critical elements of patient care. Whether that’s improving the operations of the department, bringing tools and resources to assist its providers, or making it easier to manage the administrative parts of being a clinician in 2017, EmCare is focused on leveraging its resources to make life easier for its clinicians.

As great as that sounds, there are more things that go into a career decision. Location, practice style, affiliations, compensation structure and more. We’d like to help you understand these things so that if you decide to come with us, it’s the right decision for you. And if you don’t, then we were just paying it forward. It’s a small world in EM; we’re happy to make it a little better.

For more information about our services for residents, including upcoming residency networking dinners, please visit our website.

Ray Iannaccone, MD, FACEP, FACHE, president and chief clinical officer, joined EmCare in 2015.