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Get to Know October’s Clinician of the Month: Denise Sexton

Posted on Tue, Oct 07, 2014
Get to Know October’s Clinician of the Month: Denise Sexton

EmCare has more than 10,000 clinicians serving communities across the country and we want to share their stories with you. Get to know these hard-working, difference-makers right here with our monthly “Clinician of the Month” blog post. This month's clinician of the month is celebrated in tandem with Emergency Nurses Week and features one of EmCare's many talented emergency nurses. Do you know a clinician who should be featured? Email!

Denise Sexton has 20 years of healthcare experience to EmCare partner hospitals, and over 15 years specifically in the emergency department and in leadership roles.

As a Divisional Director of Clinical Services for EmCare, Denise’s strength in leadership and diverse clinical skills provides a solid foundation for improving hospital operations, not only in the E.D, but also with services including hospitalist programs, observation units, operating rooms and critical care units. Denise uses her education and experience to o­ffer expertise and broad perspectives for E.D. and inpatient managers.

When she is not busy helping EmCare partner hospitals achieve their goals, Denise enjoys spending time with family, gardening and being outdoors.


Get to know Denise!


How do you fight burnout? If you love what you do then the risk of burnout is low. I truly love my job and enjoy every day of it. When I get stressed out, I go outside and work. I spend as much time as possible working in the garden and around the farm. I find that is my best stress reliever.

The one piece of healthcare advice I wish everyone would follow is ___. Take care of yourself. As healthcare providers we spend all of our time taking care of everyone else and forget that we need care too.

What’s been your proudest moment during your career? One busy night in the ED I took care of a patient who was going to die in a short period of time. His family was 6 hours away and was attempting to get there to be with him. I sat with him as much as I could and talked to him. As I kept in contact with the family I would go and talk with him to let him know that they were coming in hopes that he could hang on until they got there. They shared personal information about him with me so I could talk to him. Unfortunately he passed before they could arrive at the hospital. The family came after I got off shift but we had an area that they could sit with him until they were ready to leave. They sent the kindest letter to me afterwards about how much it meant to them that he did not die alone and that the updates and talking to him meant a lot to them. I still have the letter that they sent me.

I hope my patients remember me as ___.  I hope that the facilities I work with remember me as helpful and a great resource person to turn to when they need assistance.


EmCare Medical Director to Participate in Upcoming Emergency Medicine Conference

Posted on Fri, Feb 01, 2013

Corley-Pic-resized-600.jpgHouston Emergency Medicine professionals are preparing for the 2nd Annual All-Houston Emergency Medicine Conference. The conference, scheduled for February 21st from 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. CST, is a free, all-day event where physicians get to listen to panels and presentations from some of the most respected physicians in the field of Emergency Medicine.

EmCare’s Regional Medical Director, Adam Corley, MD, FAAEM, FACEP, is one of the panelists who will be speaking at the event.

We recently spoke with Dr. Corley to learn more about what to expect at the conference.

Why should doctors attend the All-Houston Emergency Medicine Conference?

There will be emergency medicine leaders in academic and community medicine from all over Houston as well as nationally recognized speakers.  The roundtable topics should be informative.  It should be a great opportunity to network with local colleagues.

How is this conference unique?

This event is unique in that the organizers have done an excellent job of bringing different diverse emergency medicine groups together for a well-organized educational and networking opportunity.  Baylor College of Medicine, UT Houston, EmCare and several smaller and regional groups will all participate.

What will attendees learn from your panel?

We’ll cover administrative hot topics and community perspectives.  It will be a good opportunity to hear diverse perspectives from academic leaders, large group leaders, and small/regional groups regarding issues related to emergency medicine practice.

What are you most looking forward to at the conference?

I'm looking forward to hearing the academic and residency updates.  Being a community doctor, I keep up with CME and academic reading but it will be nice to hear how emergency medicine training is adapting to the changing health care environment.

For more information, and to register for the All Houston Emergency Medicine Conference 2013, visit:,event=db0b3143f3ad.

About Dr. Corley: Adam Corley, MD, FAAEM, FACEP, is a Regional Medical Director for EmCare and practices at Brazosport Regional Health Center in Houston, TX. Follow Dr. Corley on Twitter:

[VIDEO] Meet Dr. Corley now! Dr. Corley was recognized as one of Houston’s 2011 Top Emergency medicine doctors by H Texas Magazine. Watch his video feature below!