About EmCare

In the pay-for-performance era, hospitals are forced to get progressively better at providing top quality care more cost effectively. EmCare is the partner that can help meet these challenges. By continuously responding to the changes in the marketplace, EmCare has helped its clients remain current and competitive.

EmCare services over 750 client contracts at more than 500 hospitals nationwide ranging from high volume emergency departments to community facilities. By attracting the most qualified emergency physicians in the country, supported by experienced physician leadership, extensive resources and comprehensive quality, metric improvement and patient experience programs, EmCare is able to offer an unparalleled partnership in the delivery of a high standard of care.

EmCare’s success is based on its commitment to quality physician leadership backed with comprehensive support programs that allow physicians to focus on patients and quality clinical medicine.

EmCare is a part of Envision Healthcare, the leading provider of emergency medical services in the United States.

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